Twitter already enhanced it’s Email notification system. It’s added few new features to receive Email, when someone follow you, send direct message, retweet your Tweets etc. Earlier it was only for receive Email when someone follows or send a direct message. By this email notification you can easily track your twitter activities.

This new feature was announced on 24 May, by Twitter team. (See announced)

How to Unable Or Disable Twitter email Notification

How to Enable Twitter Email notification?

To active this go “settings” page on your account and then go notifications or just open this link with a new tab of your browser Tick the options to get notifications on that activity. Then save your changes.

How to Disable Twitter Email notification?

If you are a power twitter user who gets lots of mention and retweets, you should disable this feature to keep your inbox clean. Just open this link with a new tab of your browser untick notification options and save your settings.

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Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. azgor

    dude check this link
    i think will be enable

  2. Rajib Kumar @ How to Blog

    Hey @Azgor, its was typing mistake. After publishing post, you can't change post url. So, its not possible to change unable to enable. Only option is re-post. But, i bookmark this link at list 10 bookmarking sites. I am not interested to this again. I am really happy to know that you are really a good friend of mine. Keep close look in my blog. Thanks for your comment.

  3. HKR

    Thanks for letting us know. Don't you think twitter is getting boring with all these features ?