Favicons are the key to send the message to the visitors. It should be necessary for a website or blog to have a favicon, even if they are newly created. It will helps to create a brand for a website and it should be separated from others.

Huge List of Free Online Tools to Generate Favicon
Example of favicon

Today, we have some awesome favicon creating tools which can give more exposure to your website or blog. Just create your favicon, if you didn’t have any. It’s too easy to create. Just follow one of the below list.

Creating your own favicon with these online tools:

  1. FaviconPrime
  2. Favicon.co.uk
  3. Dynamicdrive favicon
  4. 256Pixels
  5. Favicontool
  6. HTMLKit Favicon
  7. Buddyicon
  8. Favicon.ru
  9. Iconfu
  10. Faviconeditor
  11. Degraeve favicon
  12. Favicon Factory
  13. Shaheeilyas Favicon
  14. Favicon-Generator
  15. Faviconr
  16. iConverticons
  17. Favicon2dots
  18. Favikon
  19. Favicon.Jp
  20. Favicon Drawing tool
  21. Favicon Generator
  22. GenFavicon
  23. Online Icon maker
  24. Convertico
  25. Web Script Lab Favicon Generator
  26. Graphics Guru Favicon tool
  27. Favicon.ru
  28. DagonDesign Favicon tool
  29. Convert Icon
  30. Favicon Editor
  31. Animated Favicon
  32. Antifavicon
  33. Fayaa Favicon tool
  34. Favicon.cc
  35. Photoshop Tutorial on Creating Favicon

After creating a cool favicons, it is really easy to add a favicon to your blog or websites. Just upload your favicon to your site and then use the url. If you have any similar tools for creating favicon, please share it!

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. Maninder @ HackTik.com

    This is such an exhaustive list of favicon creation tools. Thanks for sharing. However, one should take caution while using favicon as it may impact the performance. One should use it if it is really needed and adds some value.