Blogger’s New Interface Now Available For All Draft UsersHey, here is a good news for all blogger users. The new Blogger interface is now available to all users in Draft. Blogger introduced this new interface in April, 2011 and they provide this interface only for few lucky users. Now, it’s open for all users. There is no activation process required to enjoy this. Just visit Blogger in Draft. Check this out at; and you’ll find the new interface and all ready for your exploration!

You can check out blogger official announcement at

It’s been an exciting couple of months seeing more and more users try out our new user interface since its debut back in April, and today we’re happy to announce another major milestone in its development. As of right now, the new interface is available for all Blogger in Draft users.

You also can check on twitter @blogger

Blogger’s New Interface Now Available For All Draft Users

If you have any suggestion you can sent it to blogger. Just go your draft blogger dashboard and click on feedback option like following image.

Blogger’s New Interface Now Available For All Draft Users

Although blogger made some cool changes into their new interface, but i think they used too much white in their design. Fonts color are not perfect for this white design. That’s why i am with the older version for few more days.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. sam azgor

    >i am using old interface ( in draft version they did too much. you cant edit template in HTML mode, to edit you've to download it to your pc and then upload. monitize option is temporarily unavailable, there is many things like this 🙁

  2. Rajib Kumar

    >@Sam Azgor, yeah you are right. Its need lots of editing.

  3. Ahsan

    >Blogger draft interface now looks more user friendly

  4. Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging

    >Good for blogger platform users. Interface is really nice.

  5. Genevieve

    >The best descriptive word I have for the new look is "faint". The lack of contrast and the extreme brightness of the entirely-white background is unfriendly to my (59-year-old) eyes. They need to darken the font color. I hope they will develop an option to use alternate color schemes.

  6. 7chip

    >Thanks.But its color not Good.Orange and White .I didn't like

  7. Rajib Kumar

    >@Genevive, its color also unfriendly for my eyes. They need to modify this.

    @7chip, thanks for your opinion.