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When it comes to success in SEO and online marketing, a factor that is now gradually growing in importance is the content that you have on your website. Content has always been an important aspect of SEO, but is now more relevant than ever, as Google is placing more and more importance on content as a way of determining where a site should rank.

Why Is Content Focus A Better Strategy For SEO Than Link Building?

Having well written and keyword friendly content is important. Also important is the fact that the content shouldn’t be spammy, as this can have a detrimental effect when it comes to rankings. Building a strategy around content seems to be a bit farfetched, but with the benefits of well thought out content becoming more apparent, it’s an excellent strategy to utilize for your SEO campaign.

Think about your site, and the industry you’re in, and how content could be used to your benefit. A lot of sites will now have a blog as well, and this is an excellent way to keep content on your site fresh, and to keep Google coming back to visit your site. If you’re in an industry that doesn’t change much in terms of products or services, then a blog is an excellent way to keep your site updated. It can also help to educate visitors to your site. If you’re working in a small or niche industry, your blog can become a valuable source of information, which will be looked favorably on by Google.

If you’re an SEO business, it can sometimes be difficult to demonstrate to the client the benefit of content as opposed to linking, as linking will be one of the things that clients have heard about when it comes to SEO.

Think outside the box a little. Help your client see the benefit of content, and how it can do more for their site than link building. While blogs are a brilliant addition to any site, there are other options as well. Do people come to your site looking for an answer on how to do something? Then consider incorporating how-to guides or tutorials to your site. These can be more interactive than your standard FAQ, and if people start linking back to these pages, then this also helps to build authority for your site. Offering content about your industry, a focus on the history of something, or even guides to current trends, these are all pages that people will see as valuable.

Ultimately, clients want their site to be found, and if you can demonstrate to them the worth of content as opposed to link building, content can be a way to stand out amongst their competitors.

Author: Angela is proud to be an essential part of a seo company and likes the potential that SEO can bring to businesses, and enjoys writing articles that answers questions and discusses possibilities.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. Pamela S.Chuck

    >Content is always loved by search engines and it help a site to get indexed well if the content is unique. Unique content is what search engine look for on your site. I have seen blogs getting a Good PR and ranking just because lots of content is added on it regularly. This post of yours will help a lot of people understand the concept of content.

  2. Rajib Kumar

    >@Pamela S.Chuck, thanks for your comment..

  3. Jeet Dutta

    >really really one of good strategy you wrote, pls keep it up…

  4. fazal mayar

    >thanks for sharing this, i think content is a good strategy for focusing on generating organic traffic.

  5. Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging

    >Content is always the king and now its also a king in SEO.

  6. Pedro C.

    >The thing about great content is that it will attract links naturally, and sometimes from better sources than what one might be able to arrange. If you spend enough time developing great articles that read nicely, engage the audience and convey authority, people will link to them naturally!

  7. Oscar Tignach

    >Content as said always is the king and there is no fact to deny that if you have crap conetent then no one will entertain you. Conetnt has always been in the priority list of top bloggers and they know when they stop putting content that day their famous tag will start falling. Impressed with such master piece of post.

  8. Anthony Goctich

    >Content is the only things for which a user come of the internet and if the quality of the content become poor then everything else is a waste. Hence Google made the Panda Update and sacked all Content farms and make spamming less.

  9. Technology Blog

    >Content is king but you don't need to focus much too on contents because SEO is not all about contents or any other thing but "the combination of things".
    Nice post 🙂

  10. Simon74

    >I agree with Technology Blog, link building is also very important,not to mention keyword reserach etc.. nice post. thanks for sharing…

  11. Randy

    >Good post, although I am finding that, now matter how good your content is, it still won't get found if SEO isn't done…especially if your niche is real competitive…

  12. Mitsos

    >intersting argument om content.. i agree that is important but what about keywords?

  13. Seith

    Dear Mitsos.. you need content in order to keep the users as long as you can on your website…..then you can get income..