Affiliate marketing is the coolest ways among all the best ways to make money online via blogging. It works greatly if you can understand how affiliate marketing works and its best promotion techniques.

You will find many wordpress plugin to hide ugly affiliate links and make them look pretty. A wordpress plugin named “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin” which will help you to hide affiliate links and keep tracking of number of clicks on your affiliate link. In this post I am going to tell about it, I mean about “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin”.

Affiliate links look ugly. It’s normal for bloggers, but it’s like spam or newbie’s. That’s why I was searching for a free wordpress plugin by which anyone can hide ugly affiliate links without editing .htaccess. Luckily I found an easiest and simple Wp plugin name “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin”.

GoCodes wordpress plugins, is simple wp plugin which will help you to hide affiliate links and then make them look like a normal links.

How to set up Gocodes WordPress plugin?

I recommended this plugin for two main reasons. These are –

  1. Making an ugly affiliate link looks pretty
  2. It’s helps maintaining SEO

If you’re using affiliate links in our blog directly, then it is time to use “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin”. And take the most outcomes form it. Here, I am going to share a short description to use “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin” in your blog. If you face any problem, then just let me know.

  • Download “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin” plugin for free
  • Upload downloaded plugin to your wordpress plugins folder. (Upload zip file, if you use wordpress uploader. If If you use FTP, then upload unzip files)
  • Active you “Gocodes Wordpres Plugin” from wordpress plugin option
  • Then go Gocodes settings options and change the default /go/ to something like /recommended/.

I always suggest using Recommended, offer or something like these. This will make your links look better. Do not forget to check nofollow box. This nofollow tag will stop passing on the link juice to your affiliate links.

How to use Gocodes WordPress plugin?

Go Tools > GoCodes to redirect affiliate links. You will find –

  • Redirection key: Name of your product or any other name
  • Target URL: Your affiliate link
  • Count hits: Use this if you wants to count affiliate link hits


  • Redirection key: GoCodes
  • Target URL:

Final output will be –

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. sam

    i was looking for this kind of plugin. thanx rajib kumar 🙂 for this article

  2. Ricky1990

    Hi Rajib Kumar,

    I am finding a wordpress plugin which can help me to create a review page, for example: or Please introduce some plugins to me.

    Thank you so much !

  3. Adamever

    thanks for the tutorial but Gocodes plugin is not working for didn’t getting update for 2 years, do you have a working version of the plugin?

  4. Lakhyajyoti

    It is one of the best plugin to hide long ugly looking affiliate link. Thanks for sharing about the plugin.

  5. mark

    it show me “The plugin generated 1199 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”