One thing queer and interesting about the word ‘traffic’ is that it is capable of making you happy as well as disgusted. Traffic on the road makes you sweat while traffic on your website keeps you smiling. Quite funny but true. Bloggers desire to have as many readers or followers as they can on their blogs to make big profits.

However this is not easy. As days go by, getting traffic on your site becomes tougher and tougher. It requires in-depth understanding of the process as well as sheer dedication over longer periods. Here are some great tips that will help you increase your blog followers and your blogging success rate.

Blog Followers

1) Never neglect your existing customer base

This is one aspect that many bloggers ignore. It is important to remind your followers regularly on your expertise and credibility. As you keep track of your existing customers and keep interacting with them, it gives them a feeling of being in a safe place. This in turn will entice them to introduce more readers into your blog.

2) Avoid using ‘Get Quick Traffic’ strategy

Setting up a strong traffic generation task takes time. Never go for the strategy that gives you quick money or quick followers. There are many tactics being followed to gain quick fame like the use of deceptive titles to grab reader’s attention, using StumbleUpon and Reddit, are not the correct solution to gaining long-time and high quality traffic.

On the other hand, try genuine ideas like providing quality content that will attract readers in the natural way. Your readers would want to share your content and would want to come back again and again. This will give you long time and more beneficial success than other ideas.

3) The Value of Guest Posts

One thing great about blogging and gaining traffic is that unlike other business, it requires that you get along well with your competitors. The role of your competitors can actually help you in increasing the value of your site.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to share traffic. On posting your content in someone else’s site you can endorse your content to the guest site’s visitors too. That means you get numerous high quality traffic to your website.

You can also accept guest posts and add value to the blogging community. Add variety to your blog without writing them yourself.  When other bloggers link to their guest posts, you get high quality backlinks too. Hence guest posting is simply nutritious to your traffic generating strategy.

4) Be more personal in targeting your audience

Be more personal in your message to your audience. Lots of blogs are far, generic and too broad. A classic example is a blog that is targeting Internet marketers. This category itself is too generic and not specific to people targeting a particular niche. On the other hand, a blog that targets to help moms and home makers to make home-based income will work well.

Try to figure out the most needed solutions around. Target your core audience. Narrow down your solutions to those who would relate to you. This would get the best results for you.

5) Be regular in publishing

Make a habit of publishing regularly. To be a successful blogger, make a consistent schedule for updating your blog. If readers are interested in your content, they are sure to come back and see more. When readers come back and see nothing new on your blog, they probably may not return again.

Stick to your updating schedule. This will let your audience know what is coming up next or when is the next update being done. Your schedule plans could range from daily plans or just twice a month plan. You need not necessarily publish very often, just stick to your schedule and that will do.

These tips are good enough to increase your blog follower’s big time.

Written by tramsy

Randy Collins likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for - a site that offers savings and current information on charter internet, as well as services.

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  1. Ribice

    Lovely article. Also please fix you adsense code, make the it blend with your site (adjust colors to fit the website colors). You’ll earn more that way, trust me :).

  2. Lisa

    Number 1 is important and sometimes difficult to achieve. Thanks for the reminder on it! If anyone is doing #2 they will probably crash and burn anyway. Slow and steady really wins the race.