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10 Small steps to be a Social Media Magnetism

by Samantha Harper January 4, 2012

All of us are linked with the social media in some particular way. But few of us actually become people’s favorite. It’s not about being a celebrity, but about developing your persona in such a way that you become a social media magnet. Such a person attracts others with minimal efforts. Here we have mentioned […]

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

by Rajib Kumar December 23, 2011

Your business is small but that does not mean that you would not give it your best shot to make it large in the virtual front. Since all businesses are going online these days, you need to have your business’s online presence. But just having a website is not enough. As your budget is small, […]

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Social Media and Brand Ambassadors

by Rajib Kumar December 1, 2011

With the rise of Social Media and the ever increasing popularity of Social Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the customer service game has totally changed. Customers want immediate acknowledgement and resolution and are not willing to wait endlessly listening to the call Centre hold tune. Consumers want instant gratification even in customer services. And now […]

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4 Advancements That have Revolutionized Business

by Rajib Kumar November 21, 2011

>In our constantly wired world, we are constantly looking for better, faster and smarter ways to communicate. Communication technology has advanced with amazing rapidity over the past decade or two. Let’s look at four communication advancements that have completely changed the way businesses operate: 1. SmartphonesI know, this is an obvious one, but it really […]

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Facebook’s Double Shot For Brands

by Rajib Kumar October 26, 2011

Earlier this month, the social networking powerhouse Facebook introduced two features that put user engagement onto center stage for brand marketers. The first of these allows for companies to track extended user activity of their FB page, while the second offers a premium ad pack to capitalize on the information garnered. In what appears to […]

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Why Should You Secure Any Social Media Account?

by Rajib Kumar September 20, 2011

For all the instance, riches, and try that businesses spend on protecting their information, email, websites and etc. there is an unexpected small amount of contemplation that is set to corporate societal media accounts. Need I remind you about a number of securities that places a number of furtive service agents on being a high […]

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How To Invite Your All Facebook Friends To Google+

by Rajib Kumar July 29, 2011

Google+ is one of the most popular social networking site, which currently run as an invitation based networking site. If you planning to invite all your Facebook friends and wants connect with them on Google+, here is a cool tutorial which will help you to invite all Facebook friends to Google+. You can’t invite your […]

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