3 Basic Link Building Mistakes

by Rajib Kumar March 6, 2012

Backlink building is the most crucial part for any website or blog SEO campaign. Lots of bloggers have been written on backlink building tips and that’s why I am not going to talk about “how to create huge backlinks for your website or blog “. It’s clear from the post title, I am focusing on […]

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Accessing your Computer Remotely

by Rajib Kumar February 25, 2012

The remote access software programs of this era have become very powerful and sophisticated. Accessing your computer remotely is no more an impossible task with modern science. These software programs are designed to make sure that you are provided with all the tools that you need to control your computer remotely from anywhere you are. […]

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Things to Consider When Using a Shared Hosting Service

by EvanFischer February 21, 2012

For the average person starting a website, the best option for web hosting is going to be securing the services of a shared host. This basically means that you will pay a monthly fee for hosting, along with many other customers, and share a communal space, so to speak.  In truth, your site will be […]

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5 Things You Need To Be a Professional Blogger

by Rajib Kumar February 9, 2012

As a professional blogger, your goal is to cultivate a steady source of work. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to understand what managers or website owners require from their writers. Here’s a list of five things editors are interested in when looking to create a long-term relationship with a blogger. You […]

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Introduction to HDR Photography

by milajohnson February 1, 2012

Photography is one of the most important parts of blogging. Beside a photo blog it’s really important for other blogs. An awesome photo can make an article interesting. A superb image is also important when you are going to share your post on social networking site, because it helps to attract to click on it. […]

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How to Make Money on Youtube

by Rajib Kumar January 22, 2012

Few days ago, I read a blog post named “How to Make Money on Youtube“. But, his description was very much complicated. That’s why this post. Now check out this post to know How to Make Money on Youtube. YouTube is a video sharing website, on which people can upload, view and share there own […]

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20+ Awesome Widescreen Wallpapers for your Desktop

by Rajib Kumar January 17, 2012

Everyone love desktop wallpapers as they generally express your feeling or mood. In this post we provide awesome collection of widescreen wallpapers relevant to characteristics, images, styles, designs, HDR wallpapers. Hopefully, everybody will quickly realize something exciting to boost his or her desktop computer. I hope you may be interested in the following related articles […]

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