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4 Interesting Marketing Approach you can Relate With

by Rajib Kumar November 21, 2011

Marketing is a language of small business owners, and bloggers too. As a blogger, I bet you spend a major share of your time marketing and promoting your blog in other to gain a wide audience. Of course, this audience you’ll share you unique tips with and may make them become your customers in the […]

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4 Advancements That have Revolutionized Business

by Rajib Kumar November 21, 2011

>In our constantly wired world, we are constantly looking for better, faster and smarter ways to communicate. Communication technology has advanced with amazing rapidity over the past decade or two. Let’s look at four communication advancements that have completely changed the way businesses operate: 1. SmartphonesI know, this is an obvious one, but it really […]

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6 Organization Tips for Bloggers

by Rajib Kumar November 19, 2011

Posting on a regular schedule is essential for any blogger or readership may suffer. That means time management and using the right tools is critical to blogging success. Balancing a personal and professional life is challenging at times, but don’t lose hope. Applying the right strategies and keeping your focus on that To-Do-List can help […]

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Top 15 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

by Rajib Kumar November 18, 2011

Everybody knows that selling domain names is 1 of the high graded businesses where you can earn lot of money just by transacting the domain name. Although the surprise factor has ever thought that how much money can be made by selling domains name. I am sure; you’ll be amazed to see a list of […]

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nRelate – A Related Post Widget for Blogger and WordPress

by Rajib Kumar November 16, 2011

>nRelate is a related posts plugin for online publishers of all sizes. A related posts plugin displays a stylish list of suggestions for what your readers should view next. Using a related posts plugin is an extremely useful tool in building up the success of your website. Here are some benefits of using the nRelate […]

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Content

by Rajib Kumar November 14, 2011

>Blogging is an effective method to make money online. Several successful bloggers make five to six figure incomes each month from their blogs. Blogging, just like anything else online takes time and consistent effort to show results. One of the key aspects of being a successful blogger is to write quality and interesting blog content […]

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Steady Stream of Readers

by Rajib Kumar November 13, 2011

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve had at least one moment where you realize your blog isn’t getting the kind of traffic you’d like it to have. You’ve done everything the right way: you’ve got a personalized domain name, you’ve got a layout that’s clean and easy to navigate, and you’ve got a regular […]

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