Is Google Stopping the Pagerank Feature Permanently?

by Rajib Kumar October 7, 2011

The world really woke up to some sad news today (October 06, 2011). First, it was the death of Steve Jobs, someone who has contributed a lot to how we view the tech and mobile space. The second one is pertaining to us webmasters and SEOs; it is the problem with Google Pagerank. I was […]

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2 Backup Solutions for Your WordPress Blog

by Rajib Kumar October 6, 2011

If you’re running your site on WordPress, it pays to have a backup plan – literally. For a variety of reasons, some of which could involve hackers, malicious software, or even an error on behalf of your Web host, backing up your site is a must. But like all things WordPress, extending the functionality of […]

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Bloggers and Their Photo Editing Software

by Rajib Kumar October 4, 2011

>When blogs were first created they were extremely simplistic. The majority consisted of simple journals that were read by a few people, usually friends and family. Now many blogs are used as a form of income, focusing on niche subjects and incorporating photos and designs to add value to the blog. It’s true that the […]

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30 Brilliant Photos and Stunning Pictures

by Rajib Kumar October 2, 2011

>Photography is the combination of art, science and practice to capture photos. An excellent photos does not just show few facts, they say stories, feelings and emotions. Taking the shot of excellent pictures is really hard, because perfect object and perfect timing are necessary for brilliant photography. To be a great photographer you need to […]

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Five Useful Ways to Speed Up Your PC

by Rajib Kumar September 30, 2011

The moment your computer starts to work badly, it means, something is wrong with that computer. However, to put an end to such problems, you need to take actions to solve the problem your computer is passing through in order to have a healthy and perfect computer system. Taking actions to correct all the errors […]

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How To Create A Successful Blog

by Rajib Kumar September 25, 2011

Almost every blogs amd website has a definite target that relies on a definite scheme. A blog with a definite scheme is only equal to shooting blind in the air that straightly leads to unsuccessful. There are many bloggers in the internet and all having a definite scheme and target for his blog. This is […]

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On Page and Off Page SEO Tips for Outstanding Success of your Site

by Rajib Kumar September 23, 2011

>The success of your online business is decided by the traffic to the site and for this your site needs to appear in the topmost positions in the SERPs and this is where you think of optimizing your site. But since, internet is the place where things happen in a span of a moment and […]

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