Why Should You Secure Any Social Media Account?

by Rajib Kumar September 20, 2011

For all the instance, riches, and try that businesses spend on protecting their information, email, websites and etc. there is an unexpected small amount of contemplation that is set to corporate societal media accounts. Need I remind you about a number of securities that places a number of furtive service agents on being a high […]

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>One Marketing Firm Is All You Really Need For Effective Marketing Campaign

by Rajib Kumar September 16, 2011

>A lot of time and effort goes into creating and executing a marketing plan. A marketing firm will spend several days making sure they understand the objectives that the company wants to achieve along with creating achievable goals and benchmarks. The marketing firm will likely conduct market research and try to fully understand the audience. […]

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How To Add Feedburner Recent Posts Widget On Blogger

by Rajib Kumar September 13, 2011

You must have seen a recent post widget on sidebar almost every blogs. This widget helps to reduce bounce rate by increasing page views. You will find JavaScript to add this widget on your blog. Blogger also provide recent post widget. I hope you also might have seen Feedburner recent post widget on some blogs. […]

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How To Get Great Content Ideas For Your Blog

by Rajib Kumar September 11, 2011

As bloggers the content we put out on our blog is a very integral part of our success. Building a successful blog is not just about pumping out just any content at anytime, it is about finding out what works and what people really want to read. You should read: 10 tips for writing a […]

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Now Post On Techncom Vai E-mail

by Rajib Kumar September 9, 2011

Hey Guys, now it’s too easy to post on Techncom. To post on Techncom do not need to log In onto your Blogger account. Just sent an email and your post automatically will be saved on blogger draft. After that i will published them manually by doing some basic moderation. I am giving this opportunity […]

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How To Block A Website On Windows

by Rajib Kumar September 3, 2011

There are lots of applications like Weblock that can block and filter the pages that you are interest to block. There also show something similar with another software called FBLimiterthat not only prevents but also we go to Facebook to YouTube. But this can also be easily done in Windows without installing any software. Just […]

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3 Ways to Win Blogging and SEO Niche Competition

by Rajib Kumar August 25, 2011

Blogging and SEO niche is indeed a tough competition. I don’t know why, but most webmaster and affiliate marketer always have at least one blog in blogging and SEO niche. But only a few actually made real money out of it. The common problem I see is because they treated this niche like any other […]

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