Ways To Reduce Blog Spam Comments

by Rajib Kumar October 27, 2010

All bloggers know that spam cann’t be avoided. Everyday spammers find new ways to automatically send comments to blogs and some may even blog entries. The technology will be slowed to a stop spammers your blog, and uses links to all sorts of crazy things, covered in all the comments on his blog. Here are […]

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How To Add Alexa Site Stats Button

by Rajib Kumar October 25, 2010

Alexa is a Chicago based subsidiary company of Amazon.com that is known for its toolbar and website. They ranked every site and update their list everyday. You can show your site or blog rank by their widget. Let’s see how you can use their widget in your blogger blog. 1. Go http://www.alexa.com and then click […]

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of your Blog

by Rajib Kumar October 19, 2010

Google Analytic is the best site/blog analytic platform. It is really interesting that Google Analytic is totally free and you can use it more than for one website or blog. One of the most important term in Google Analytic is “bounce rate“. So, it is important to know, what is bounce rate?? What does it […]

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How To Boost Your Site/Blog Backlinks

by Rajib Kumar October 19, 2010

Few days ago, someone mailed me and said he wants to know “how to boost blog backlinks??” He also wants to know how i made almost 3,000 backlinks (another site: Easy Download). And he also mention that, he has a blog and daily he made almost 10 comments but the amount of backlinks of his […]

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Web Traffic – Easy Way To Increase

by Rajib Kumar October 16, 2010

There is many ways to increase website/blog traffic. Search engine, article submission, e-mail marketing all are most popular way to get traffic. You also can get traffic from forums. But i am going to share my new experience in ezinearticles.com and i think it is new. You get daily few visitors from this process. See […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Keyword For Any Site??

by Rajib Kumar October 14, 2010

Request by Ahmed Salim: How to choose the perfect keyword for any site?? Hey, i am going to discuss about the above question. If you know the SEO basic, you can answer this question easily. In this post i am trying to discuss “how to choose perfect keyword?“ See the process, i hope by these […]

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SEO Tips For Beginners

by Rajib Kumar October 13, 2010

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important part of a site/blog. It helps your site/blog to get better position in search engine. It help to get more traffic. Although, SEO is most important but it is the most boring work. Let know few SEO tips to make it interesting. Should Know?? Before […]

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