Adsense account for asia is now the “Golden Egg”. They refused almost 75% applications from these region. But if you try in smart way, you can easily get a AdSense account. Somebody may suggest you to create account with hubpage, weebly or others. But i will suggest you to do this with Indyarocks. They share 100% revenue with you.

Create A Free AdSense Account With Indyarocks

To do this follow the following step.

Step 1: Go Indyarocks and click Join now for free.

Step 2: After create a account go Account > Edit Profile — then complete minimum 50% profile but i will suggest you to do minimum 80%.

Step 3: Upload your own profile picture.

Step 4: Upload minimum 10 picture. It must be original. You can use your Cell for this.

Step 5: Now go Media > Blogs > Write Blogs and write minimum 2 articles with 250+ words.

Step 6: Then click Click here and follow the instructions.

Step 7: You will get an e-mail within few seconds.

Step 8: Wait 2 days for approving from Indyarocks. Then AdSense send you an e-mail. Fill and submit this.

Step 9: Wait again 2-7 days for AdSense approving.

It’s success rate 100% if Indyarocks approve your application. It’s proven by me. So, let’s try again. I have another post about Indyarocks and this is for request to present more clearly.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. Techwales

    >How Much Days I Can Wait For Apply For Adsense ?

  2. Rajib Kumar

    >@Techwales, present days you have to wait 1-4 weeks for a new adsense account.

  3. Tech update news

    Hi Rajib Kumar,
    I have read your post this is an awesome post for approving adsense. Thanks for your nice post. Bro I need your help emergency! I am going to apply adsense by Indyarocks but question is the profile of Indyarocks address which adress I provide my adsense address or not? Please give your feedback. I am waiting for your response.

  4. Tech update news

    Hi Rajib kumar,
    I want to know that is this Indyarocks adsense service is active now? I can’t find there that how to apply adsense there. Please tell me bro. I am waiting for your response.

  5. zahid

    Step 6: Then click Click here and follow the instructions. ?????

    where i click for email…help me???