If you wants to earn from Google AdSense you have to do SEO, have to place ads in right area, have to choose the right color of your ads. With all above works, you also have to follow another tricks. You have to use competitive ad filter. Follow the instructions to filter low paying keywords.

Step 1: First go to www.adsblacklist.com and create an account
Step 2: Log In your account and click on “My Account”
Step 3: Now, click “Add New Domain”
Step 4: Enter your URL, Title and Keywords and submit them
Step 5: Then click “Generate Filter List”
Step 6: Now, select your domain from “Drag & Drop” menu
Step 7: Select “MFA” and “LCPC” and then submit
Step 8: After that they will provide you the low paying URLs, copy them
Step 9: Now, Log In your Google AdSense account and click “AdSense Setup”
Step 10: Click on “Competitive Ad Filter” click “Save Changes”
Step 11: Paste your copied URL in the box and click “Save changes”

I hope these process will increase your earning. Best of luck.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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