When i got my Adsense account firstly in 2008, i applied with a blogger blog with copied content from cricinfo. But these days, itโ€™s not so easy. Because of lot of spammers and cheaters, Google tightened the Adsense approval process. But you can get Google AdSense account in different legal tricks. You can check the link for quick approved in adsense.

Create Your Google AdSense Account With Hubpages

Now i am going to share another tricks for creating Google AdSense Account. It’s with hubpages. Follow the process.

Adsense account

1. First sign up in hubpages

2. Make 10-20 unique hubs

3. Try to make more followers. You can apply your own tricks for increasing followers.

4. Go “My Account” and then click “Affiliate Settings”

adsense account

5. Now, click “sign up” in Google, see the picture for more help

adsense account

6. Now, choose the “no” for creating new Google AdSense account

adsense account

7. Now, provide you Email address for AdSense account

adsense account

8. Within few seconds they sent you a mail. Fill the requirements and sent it.

You will get your account within few days. Enjoy earning.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. crax

    >i apply my adsense account from hubpages ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rajib Kumar - Admin

    >Best wishes for your account..

  3. Maia

    Thanks a lot for teach me. I hope by using this alternative way my application will be approved by Adsense team.