Social bookmarking is the process for the people to manage, organize, store and search for bookmarks of resources online. You can index your site/blog very quickly with dofollow social bookmarking sites. Here is a list of few social bookmarking site. Bookmark your site or blog page in all of these (at least 5) site because they are dofollow.



1. (PR-9)
2. (PR-8)
3. (PR-8)
4. (PR-7)
5. (PR-7)
6. (PR-7)
7. (PR-7)
8. (PR-7)
9. (PR-7)
10. (PR-7)
11. (PR-7)
12. (PR-7)
13. (PR-7)
14. (PR-7)
15. (PR-6)
16. (PR-6)
17. (PR-6)
18. (PR-6)
19. (PR-6)
20. (PR-6)
21. (PR-6)
22. (PR-6)
23. (PR-6)
24. (PR-6)
25. (PR-6)
26. (PR-6)
27. (PR-5)
28. (PR-5)
29. (PR-5)
30. (PR-5)
31. (PR-5)
32. (PR-5)
33. (PR-5)
34. (PR-5)
35. (PR-5)
36. (PR-5)
37. (PR-5)

I hope this list will help you to get more high quality backlinks.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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