Hey, today I am going to share something new and interesting. That is, “How To Increase Blogger Blog Followers”. You know; huge followers of a blog means, that blog is so popular. It can increase template beauty. Now, let’s see how you can increase blog followers.


1st Process: Write unique and interesting articles that are really helpful for visitors. Try to write daily, at least one per day. If visitor find something new and interesting they must be follow your blog.

2nd Process: This process is a tricks. For this tricks, you have to use twitter. If you have twitter account, it’s good. Otherwise you have to create a new account.

Now after login twitter account. Go for search with “follow my blog”. You will find several post for this keyword. Collect all the links with twitter user name. Collect as much as possible.

Now, visit collected blog links. And become a follower of their blog by your twitter account. Then send a message in twitter like the following.

Your Blog is so great. I really hope you´ll write more of those fantastic articles, I´ll definitely follow your blog to read more from you! If you like you can also follow mine: http://yourblogurl.blogspot.com.

Don’t use the same message. If you send this message for every blog, they will think you are a spammer. So, change the message.

That’s it. Wait and see. Within few days, the number of followers of your blog will increase rapidly (i hope). If you like my blog, please follow my blog.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. David

    >Really enjoyed this it should help me hopefully! My blog is about Ultimate Soccer Manager one of the greatest soccer games of all time. Have you heard of it?

  2. Rajib Kumar - Admin

    >@David, thanks for your comment. Nice to know, about your gaming blog.

  3. ChaRice

    How great is your blog! I like it. Btw, I had followed you. Mind if follow mine back? Thanks lot.

  4. Rajib Kumar - Admin

    >Thanks for following. I am going to follow your blog.

  5. Ashwini

    >Hey nice trick. But is it really required to follow all those blogs religiously?

  6. Stefanie

    Thanks for the information about Twitter. I am looking to increase follwers of my blog and hadn't thought of using it and didn't know how. You can follow it if you like at: bigballroomgirl.blogspot.com