The only quick and possible way for every blogger is to earn money from adsense. Google AdSense is offering free ads for bloggers to make quick money. But, ads placementis the key thing for huge earning. Ads below title are the most popular and effective ways to show ads.

How To Place AdSense Ads Below Title In Blogger Blog

Let’s see how to show ads below title in blogger blog.

1. LogIn your blogger account
2. From Dashboard go “Design” > “Edit HTML” and then click “Expand Widget Templates
3. Now Convert your adsense ads code by using “AdSense Code Converter
4.By clicking F3, search the following code

<div class='post-body entry-content'>

5. Just before above code line paste the converted adsense code

How to show ads on blog posts only

If you want’s to show ads on blog posts only then paste your code with additional two line as follow

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
Your AdSense Code Here

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Written by Rajib Kumar

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This article has 11 comments

  1. sam azgor

    >now a days you can put your adsense code in post.
    click Edit HTML put code anywhere when you publish any post.

  2. jasmine

    >nice trick, but this doesn't work for pages, how to show adsense below page title???????? please help

  3. sam

    >@rajib: delete previous comment.
    @jasmine: see this post. Adsense tricks

  4. jasmine

    thanks for the code, unfortunately i can't find the code "div class='post-body entry-content'" in my template, please have a look at my blog and suggest me what should i do.

    thanks in advance!

  5. Saimon

    Oh Its Really A Good Trick,But I Want To Know Can I Place Adsense Below Post Middle?

    • Rajib Kumar

      Yap you can. But it’s need extra coding and for each ad you have to place ad indicating tag code. Just search on Google, I hope you will get tutorial to place adsense code inside (middle) of blogger post.

      For wp you have to install a plugin and then have to add ad indicating tag code. It’s too easy on wp.