It’s really important to submit sitemap to different search engines for quick index. Today i am going to share how to submit sitemap to bing webmaster tool. You can check the following link.

How to submit sitemap to yahoo

[Update: Bing update it’s internal interface. Read – How to submit a sitemap to Bing new webmaster interface]

Follow the following instructions to submit the sitemap to bing webmaster tools.

1. Go Bing Webmaster Tools and click “sign in to use webmaster tools”.


2. Now sign in your hotmail/live account.


3. Add your site and go for authentication.




You can authenticate your website or blog by two process.

Upload XML file for hosting site


Use this meta tag for blog like blogger


And then varify your site.

4. Now go for add sitemap. Click “Add Sitemap” like the following picture.


Add your sitemap


You can use following sitemap for your blogger blog:

That’s all. You can also submit your sitemap by the following process.

Copy the following url and load it to your browser

Just change to

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Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. DJ ARIF

    >Thanks a lot for posting this. I have succeed in submitting my sitemap to bing.

  2. Rajib Kumar

    >Hey Arif,
    Happy to know your success. You also can try with yahoo webmaster tool. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Rajib Kumar

    Hey Dean,
    If you wants to get a blogger sitemap you can use following

  4. Dean

    >I have question.. How do you get the blogspot sitemap? In the picture above I notice "". It shows error. Normally if we entered "", it will show our sitemap correctly.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Dean

    >Thanks Techcon.. That really helps a lot.. I will always come here from time to time..Great support 🙂

  6. Rajib Kumar

    @Dean, thanks for your comment. Hope you will be with my blog.
    @Nindya, Thanks for your comment.

  7. Sadia Komal

    >I didn't submitted sitemap to bing yet

  8. Rajib Kumar

    @Rina As, not only for your blog, it's happen for many other blogs. My experience says, Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools are not good as like Google. Sometimes its takes huge time. Don't worry, i hope they will index your blog very quickly. You can use social bookmarking sites and top blogs like problogger for quick indexing.

  9. Rina As

    >Already two months I submit a sitemap in bing bing but why until now not to index my blog?
    Please advice .. thanks …

  10. Dr Zei Tarot Card

    >Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. Agree with many above that the Bing webmaster tool seems to be the problem.

  11. khawarlatif

    butt now bing webmaster tool is update ..the method is changes now…anyway thanks..

  12. English Songs

    Excellent information about submitting sitemap to Bing directory., your site gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for.., I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to return to the future.. Am so glad and so THANKFUL TO YOU