>Most of the times, we find that lots of bloggers create their blog on WordPress! Is really there any reasons? Yes, it has. The reasons is its high quality features such as less coding, more flexibility, much better interface for multi-author, high end features. Although WordPress has some better features, but there are many things that makes Blogger better than WordPress.

Why Blogger is better than WordPress

Free Hosting
Most important and powerful feature of blogger is its free hosting service. In blogger you can host your blog without paying a single buck. But, if you going for WordPress, then you have to pay every month or every year for hosting. Now just think about this – can Google go down like local servers?

Easy To Customize
Blogger is really easy to use and customized. If you have a little knowledge about html, then you can easily customized your blogger blog. And if you has good knowledge about markup languages, then you can easily convert any web template to blogger template.

Blogger Template
Blogger offer few cool templates. They also provide online template design opportunity. By their designing feature you can easily design your template without knowing any code. You also find many themes in different site and they are totally free. Where as most of the WordPress themes are paid ones.

Easy Interface
The interface of blogger dashboard in very simple and easy to use. When someone wants to know that in which blogging platform are best for starting their first blog. Then I suggest them to create blog into blogger. Even when I started my blogging, I started with a blogspot because it’s really simple and easy to use.

Lots Of New Features
Blogger always trying to improve their features and services. Like last few years recently they introduce many new features. The first being – xml driven blog, a new template editor and now, they going to present next generation interface. The blogger interface will be changed to its new look, and that will be really great.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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    >Very interesting post, WP is easier.

  2. HKR

    >You can get lots of reliable Free Hosting for WordPress too. WordPress is easier to customize, you don't even need to know HTML. WordPress has ten times the number of blogger themes. WordPress has a much better interface, for example, take the bloggers comment form, makes me wanna pull my hair out. WordPress has 10 times the features of any blogger blog. After all, anybody can make a blogger blog and if you have a WordPress blog you get some credit. Google may delete you blog anytime for anything : you have no rights. I get irritated when people without experience say that blogger is better .

  3. News

    >Hey Rajib my blog says me that there is only 5000 label allows now i m trying to give label but it could not happen so plz help me what now i do?

  4. Dana | TechAsking

    >You can compare that Blogger.com is better than WordPress.com, not WordPress open source that you can hosted on self-host.

  5. Rajib Kumar - Admin

    >@News, 5000 is huge. Why you need more than 5000?? It's not possible to create more than 5000 label. Just use same label for same categories articles.

  6. News

    >u mean if i hve to do post so i use old labels like old one

  7. Rajib Kumar - Admin

    >@News, yeah I mean that.

  8. Srivathsan

    >nothing cant beat wordpress. In the above list I accept only that free hosting point. But even then lots of free hosting services are available. And the other points I will never accept it. WordPress is better in those points.

  9. Asif Shah

    >i use blogspot but also touch wordpress i think wordpress is more customize than blogspot but wordpress not let you to monetize in free version while blogspot give opportunity to inexperience blogger to earn on their free version.

  10. Ashish

    >Haven't used blogger yet but I know WordPress is the best 🙂

  11. Fayaz Ahmad

    >You have mentioned here about the features of blogger but what about on page seo in blogger . Is this possible for blog post

  12. pppz

    >I would say the same things about wordpress.com platform.

  13. Lewis

    Recently i have made accounts on both blogs (Blogger, WordPress) because i wanna make experiments that which is better for seo point of view. Still i could not make any big difference rather than blogger is bit easy to use than wordpress in start.

  14. abhilash thakur

    >hi rajiv , i see you blog , it very nice and informative, are yiu want to be a guest blogger on my blog useme4info.com , i glad to see as a guest blogger in my blog .

  15. Rajib Kumar

    >@Abhilash thakur, thanks for your comment. Your blog is really good. I hope i will be there someday.

  16. abhilash thakur

    >@rajib thanks for your kind word and interest in my blog

  17. ecommerce website development

    >As far as blogging is concerned i also feel that blogger is much easy than wordpress because in start for a newbie it is difficult to understand but one thing is sure that when you understand it you get more benefit from the wordpress than blogger.

  18. SEO Company

    >Blogger has the backing of the largest and most powerful Internet Company in the world. For some this might seem like a negative, but it means the most money and development time can be placed into creating new features for Blogger that Word press may need to wait for.

  19. Acespower

    >Yes, Blogger as part of Google, I think it will have more chances of growing. That's what "SEO Company" mentioned before, "Blogger" seems to have greater finansial foundation.

    I still write posts on Blogger due to its post writing interface. The interface seems so user-friendly to me.

    Does anybody know about the difference about both in SEO?

  20. SEO Midlands

    >Blogger is a great tool, and we have used it for many years in our company. You can create your blog in more or less the exact same style as your website too, so there is no excuse not to keep a theme running. Thanks for this great post!

  21. Pankaj Sanam

    >WordPress is better than Blogger only if you are hosting your blog on a paid hosting.

  22. time and attendance software

    >I think that Blogger is easy to understand for the beginner and also its customization but bad fact is that you cannot have your own domain on Blogger like WordPress. so that is why i prefer to wordpress. Its good to have for practice but not for the professionally because any time blogger can block it.

  23. Rajib Kumar

    >@time and attendance software, wordpress and blogger both offer free subdomain. If you wants to change those subdomain to your own domain you can easily transfer. There is no difference between them.

    Why blogger will block your blog?? It's not joke dude.

  24. African Photo Safari Tours

    >The thing i like the most is the interface of the Blogger and easy to use and understand as well as the optimization.

  25. Bowhunting South Africa

    >For me, Its impossible to rate that which one is better than other. I just can say that Blogger is easy for customization and also easy for the beginner that how to use than WordPress.

  26. Anonymous

    >WordPress blows as far as the learning curve for the newbie. If someone wants to get a blog or website up and running pronto, it will take them far longer to learn WordPress than to jump right into Blogger.

    Also, if you discover Blogger meets your needs, why use WordPress? As mentioned by others- Blogger is usable in a standalone state-while you need to find a host to use WordPress.

    This is an expense many people don't want to deal with- whether they are new to blogging or just trying to save money.

    While Word Press has a lot of plug-ins, if those plug-ins are not something you would use, then it really isn't such a big plus, is it?

    I tried WordPress because I was told it would be like using MS WORD.
    Whoa -no way is it liked MS WORD. More like a stripped down-bare bones version of MS WORD at best.

    If you are just starting out with blogging-test the waters with Blogger.
    You might be presently surprised and feel no need to venture into WordPress territory. I dabbled in Blogger years ago just for fun and found the user interface a bit bland but fairly intuitive. That was NOT the case when I got a chance to try out WordPress.
    I realize this is a subjective issue of people's tastes and needs but I think it is only fair to stick up for Blogger's ease of use and the fact that while it is free like WordPress- it doesn't need a host and frankly, I find that to be a pretty big perk!

  27. uk time clock

    >Definitely Blogger would be the first choice for every beginner because it has not many complications to run it other than wordpres but i think when you get enough exposure then WordPress is better as it provides several seo plugins to boost your website.

  28. time attendance software

    >WordPress is better than Blogger as far as Online Marketing is concerned because you can choose any of the plugins you think it suits to your wordpress blog/website. Although i agree its not easy to understand for the beginner.

  29. Rachel

    I’m in the process of moving all my self-hosted blogs from WP to Blogger. Not only am I SICK to death of paying the more than $50 a month I spend on hosting the blogs, but WP has so many editing issues now it’s just not worth my time.

    My Blogger blogs, on the other hand, are doing incredibly well (they ALL make more money than my WP blogs), I have no editing issues with any of them and, if you have your own domain name, it looks just as ‘professional’ with a Blogger blog than one on WP.

    My vote is for Blogger all the way 🙂