How To Submit Sitemap To Bing New  Webmaster Interface

Bing Webmaster tools is a free and easy tool to optimize a blog or site for Bing search engine. It helps a link to get quick indexing on Bing search engine. You can drive more visitors to your site using Bing data on search queries, crawling and search traffic by using Bign Webmaster tool.

Bign Webmaster tool, give you opportunity to upload sitemap, controlling Bing crawler, block URLs, keywords research and so on. Few months ago, i made a post named “how to submit sitemap to bing webmaster tools“, but recently i notice that, Bing change their internal interface. So, today i am going to share, how to submit a sitemap to Bing new webmaster interface.

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  • Follow the following instructions to submit a sitemap to Bing webmaster tools.

    1. Go and click “Webmaster Tools Sign In”. And then “Sign In” with your hotmail/live account. If you didn’t have one, just “Sign Up”.

    2. Now, click on “Add Site”, after that a new pop up windows will appear. Add your url and submit to bing.

    How To Submit Sitemap To Bing New  Webmaster Interface

    3.Then, you have to verify your ownership. You can do this by two ways.

    • Option 1: Place an XML file on your web server
    • Option 2: Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage

    Follow “Option 2” for blog. Copy the tag and paste in your template according their command. You can check an example on that page, just follow that.

    4. Now, go “Crawl” to submit sitemap. In left middle side of the Crawl page, you will find “Sitemap” option. Click on it. After that, “Add Sitemap” option will appear. Click on “Add Sitemap” and submit your sitemap.

    How To Submit Sitemap To Bing New  Webmaster Interface

    You can submit more than one sitemap. That’s it. I think it’s enough instructions to submit a sitemap. Feel free if you face any problem.

    Written by Rajib Kumar

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    1. Naser @ Best Tips For Blogging

      >Thanks for sharing the tutorial Rajib, very useful for newbie bloggers.

    2. istanbul airside

      >I cant add my sitemap. The error message is:
      "If you were adding a site or sitemap, we timed out trying to talk to your site. Please make sure the web page is up and visible on the web. If not, this may be a momentary issue; try again, or check back later." It's a blogspot page.
      Do you know why?

    3. Rajib Kumar

      >@istanbul airside, At first i have to know what type of sitemap are you using to submit. Make sure your spelling is correct. If everything is ok, then try again later.

    4. techiemedia

      >Good will help me to submit my blog into bing.

      thanks for sharing

    5. Nasir

      It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it.
      I like such topics and everything that is connected to them.