3 Major Computer Tips To Help You Get Better High Speed Internet

Computer Tips to Help You Get Better High Speed Internet

Do you know that your computer can have a major impact on how fast your internet connection is?

When a lot of people experience problems with their internet connection the first thing they think about is it being a problem with their ISP. After waiting for a few weeks without improvement and after several calls to their ISP confirming that there is no problem with the network they start to wonder and are confused about what might be happening that is leading to their internet connection being very slow. You have to realize that in most cases the problem isn’t with your ISP.

If you want to significantly tweak your computer to help you get faster broadband speeds below are a few tips to help you optimize your computer for better internet access.

1. Buy a New Computer

Sometimes no amount of tweaking will do the work because the problem has to do with the whole computer. For example, if you’re using a very old computer with low memory and hard disk space it will be difficult for it to work well with new applications and that will end up having a huge impact on your internet speed on the long run.

The best thing to do instead is to buy a new and latest computer with better configuration to accommodate the latest software and internet technologies.

2. Install a Solid Antivirus

One major thing that causes a lot of computers to be ineffective and inactive is a virus infection and you have to realize that no computer is beyond being infected by a virus. If you want to get the best from your computer and internet connection make sure you have the best antivirus you can lay your hands on installed.

3. Be Careful with Which Applications You Install Your Computer

The final step you have to take is to “prune” your computer. By this I mean you should take a critical look at your computer to see what needs to be improved and what needs to be removed. A lot of computer users install lots of applications on their computer but the reality is that they don’t even use up to 10% of these applications. Make sure you uninstall the applications you no longer need from your computer and you will notice a significant improvement in your computer speed.