Boost Your Site Traffic with 4 Simple Viral Marketing Strategies

Viral marketing is a popular way to distribute a marketing message amongst millions of users. However, to create a successful viral marketing campaign, you need to consider few ideas. These can include simplifying the process of sharing, linking back to your home page, and staying updated with latest trends.
Viral marketing has become a popular Internet marketing strategy in the 21st century. This marketing technique encourages people to spread a message to millions. This in turn, increases awareness about the company within a short time. Similar to viruses (hence the name ‘viral’), this marketing strategy takes help of fast multiplication for affecting millions of people. Many people will be surprised to know that Hotmail was one of the first companies who implemented viral marketing strategy for creating awareness about their services. In 1996, Hotmail had approximately 500,000 users. Within some months, number of Hotmail users increased to 12,000,000. The fact that Hotmail incorporated a small advertisement highlighting their services in emails sent via it, contributed in its growth. If you want to know how you can create a successful viral marketing campaign like Hotmail, read on.

1. Research about SEO

If you possess a good or even basic understanding of SEO, implementing viral marketing techniques will be easy for you. The reason is that SEO technique of ‘link baiting’ and viral content has certain common features and purposes. Therefore, if you already know certain basic SEO techniques, it would be simpler for you to prepare the viral content.

2. Know the current trends

For creating a viral marketing campaign, you need to discover an idea that people will love sharing with their friends. One popular technique is to search for latest trends. Of course, this does not mean that you will blindly pick out the first trend that you come across and use it in your campaign forcibly. To choose the best trend, select few recent ones. Opt for brainstorming sessions for picking out the trend that complements your business. If you have a website design company, for example, choose an idea related to web design. To ensure that your campaign is successful, select an idea that interests you. This will encourage you to add more intriguing features to the content, thus attracting attention of millions of users.

3. Simplify the process of sharing

Sharing is a critical aspect of viral marketing. If your readers find the process of sharing content complicated, chances are high that your campaign will fail. Therefore, to ensure success of your campaign, it is your duty to simplify the process of sharing content.

Incorporating social networking buttons in web pages is a great idea. You can also opt for social sharing plugins for encouraging readers to share your content at social networking sites. Examples of few great plugins can include ShareThis, Add to Any, and Sociable.

4. Allow customers to connect with you

The main purpose of viral marketing campaign is to create awareness about your product or services. Therefore, every time you publish any content, ensure that it contains a link that connects users with your home page. Remember that if customers are unable to connect with you, even a popular content may fail after a certain point of time. Finally, be patient. Do not expect your content to go viral immediately. Remember that sometimes, trends take time to gain popularity. Implement the above-mentioned ideas and maintain a positive outlook. All the best!

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