You have spent hours in building your blog. Adding relevant content on it, researching on blogging and mainly promoting your blog online. More number of visitors led to your blog success. Like online promotion you can promote your blog offline also. The best part to that is it can be done in very light manner, without spending lot of money on it.

Innovative Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

Promote Your Blog

Some Innovative Offline ways to Promote your Blog

Change Your Bluetooth Name: Today is the time when people share via Bluetooth. So put your blog url as your Bluetooth display name. This way your friends will get to know about your blog, even some unknown person whose cell catches your Bluetooth.

Get your Blog Printed on Your T-Shirt: Its hip and happening to wear t-shirts with bold text printed on them. So why not print your blog logo and URL on your t-shirt and flaunt it. It will definitely grab many eyeballs.

Make you of Crowd: Go to some mall, or a beach hold a banner displaying your blog name. It will get the attention of many and you don’t know how many will visit the URL.

Gather Your Neighbors: Arrange informal meetings for youngsters/teens living in your neighbor. Tell them about blogging, its benefits and also about your own blog.

Print some Pamphlets: If your blog is related to themes like music, movies then get some pamphlets printed about your blog and distribute in nearby music stores, pvrs.

Highlight it on Your Vehicle: Most part of the day you move from one place to another using your vehicle. So paint your car, bike with your blog logo and URL. People around you will definitely notice it. This is a great way to promote your blog.

Ask for help: Ask the grocery store in your area to give your blog promotion pamphlets to their customers.

Attend Your Mom’s Kitty Party: Let your mom’s friend know about your blog. They will share it with their kids and many will do visit it also.

Promote on Your Dog Band: Take your dog out for a walk and put your blog address on his band. 😛

Use Flyers: Stick a poster or a flyer promoting your blog on your school wall, in your office notice boards. Don’t forget to take the prior permission before doing it.

Follow these fun ways to promote your blog offline and see more visitors coming to your blog.

Written by Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones writes for Tustin Auto Center. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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  1. [email protected] facts

    Excellent publish, very informative!!! You have accentuated the best points here. A must read article for every one who needs to promote their blog offline.

  2. Chandu

    Really creative. I like the idea “Highlight it on Your Vehicle” and implementing it immediately. And I also like the idea of pasting on T-shirt. These ideas really works and surely gives the immediate results .

  3. Anderson @ Alternator Repair

    Its really good stuff!! Its called a real marketing as kind of retail market do for their Brand. I liked “Highlight it on Your Vehicle” most.

    Very innovative!!!

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Maya

    Will be effective if you are targeting local audiences. Great ideas though. Innovate! Mentioning your blog anywhere you can will be great!

    Nice post!

  5. Neel Amin

    Will be effective if you are targeting local audiences. Great ideas though. Innovate! Mentioning your blog anywhere you can will be great!
    i have got information from here..Thanks