3 Online Marketing Tips for Offline Businesses

Over the last few years with the introduction of FacebookTwitterblogging, and various other forms of social mediaonline marketing has become a necessity for online and offline businesses alike.  Now more than ever, consumers flock to the internet to find new products or services, and read reviews those products and services they are interested in.  This holds true for offline businesses as well.  There are now numerous websites designed specially to let potential customers know about your business and what kind of experience they can expect should they choose to go there.  Although the task of online marketing can be daunting for some – especially those that haven’t had to rely on the internet in the past, the below tip should ease you into and help ensure you get the online visibility that can make you thrive.

1. Utilize Social Media

It’s not enough to simply throw up a Facebook page, open a Twitter account and start a blog with a few posts never to be updated again. Consumers today crave new content and interaction. By engaging your customers through consistent updating you keep your business fresh in their mind – but don’t overdo it, you don’t want to come off as spamming. Find a balance and stick to a posting schedule.  If you aren’t engaging with your customers, you can be sure your competitors are.  Besides, the large majority of social media outlets are free, so with a few minutes a day you are essentially generating free advertising.

2. The Importance of Content

The internet is filled with a huge amount of content. The trick to ensuring that it is your content consumers are reading and not your competitors is to make it great. Make the content so engaging that they will want to share it with their friends.  Three keys to great content are:

a. Uniqueness. As mentioned, today’s society is easily bored.  With all the information available at the click of a button, customers are not going to spend time reading rehashed material.  Be unique.

b.Thought-Provoking. In addition to uniqueness, content must be engaging.  It must get the readers minds turning and provide something for them to consider long after they’ve left your page.  Otherwise, unless you immediately convert them into buyers, they are likely to forget about you.

c. Controversial. Although not as important as the other two, a little bit of controversy can go a long way.  In advertising, converting potential customers into buyers is often about evoking emotion.  In addition, people love thought leaders.  Some may disagree with you, but you’ll earn many loyal customers by breaking the mold.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Great content is a necessity, but if people can’t find your content then what good will it do?  Although sharing your content on social networking sites will bring in many potential buyers, utilising a professionally developed SEO campaign can skyrocket your revenue.  When someone searches for your product, you want to be ahead of your competitors – research shows that the over 40% of people click the first listing on a search engine.  Make sure that that listing is yours by using SEO.