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One of the challenges of doing content marketing well is coming up with an ongoing flow of ideas, hooks and angles to keep you in fresh, relevant content. Here are 10 ideas… to help you generate more ideas…

Content ideas

Look at your search traffic

The keywords that people enter into search engines to land on your site are a really useful barometer of your audience’s interests, and the language they use to talk about them. Look out for trends and priorities among keywords, and see what you can write about that relates to these. If done right, this will also generate naturally successful seo copywriting to improve your search ranking.

Do some keyword research

The web is full of free keyword research tools, such as the Google AdWords tool and the Google trends tool. Again, these give you an insight into the preoccupations of the people searching on the sorts of words and phrases that you can create content around.

Look at the social buzz

See what people are talking about on social networks around your business and the services you provide. What’s trending on Twitter that you can talk about?

Look for topical hooks

Look at news sources in all channels and see what people are talking about. Is there an angle for you in a current news story? If you’re looking for content around management, for instance, what can we learn from Great Britain’s Olympic success or Europe’s Ryder Cup victory about how to lead a team?

Revisit a golden oldie

Look at popular pieces of content you’ve created in the past. Are there changes in technology or legislation or other areas that mean you could usefully produce an updated version?

Extend and expand existing content

One canoeing website created a ‘Beginner’s guide to kayaking’. Search traffic and enquiries asking for beginner’s content only increased, until the site owners realised that what was needed was not one generic guide but actually a whole series of beginner’s guides, each breaking the topic down into much more specific, granular detail.

Talk to your sales teams

Ask them what content they think prospects and customers would appreciate, what they’re talking about. Ask too what content you could create that could help them do their job better.

Look abroad

An old trick beloved of freelance journalists is to find magazines, titles and websites in their field from other countries and languages. See what people abroad are talking about – this can be a rich source of new angles and ideas.

See what’s in the store cupboard

Most businesses are sitting on all sorts of content that’s been produced internally, or for one specific event, which – with a little bit of repurposing – could make a great article or blog post for a wider audience. Ask around within your organisation for infographics, thought pieces, reviews, industry analysis – whatever’s relevant – that have only been published on a limited basis. The trick here is to develop an editorial eye for the content that has the potential to go public.


Use the various channels that you use to interact with people to canvass opinions and comments about the sort of content they’d like to see, or see more of.

Author Bio: Charlotte Rivingtonis a freelance writer on social media and influences, actively blogging covering everything from tips and intriguing fresh new ideas. When she is free she loves to travel whilst she writes.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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