Pinterest is still “invite only” and one needs to request an invite on the site. One can also log on to their Twitter or Facebook account for instant access. This new entrant on the social networking scene is making quite a buzz and is proving to be very beneficial for brands. Go ahead and join Pinterest but also understand its features and what this is all about.


Board is the virtual piece of wall that you get for putting up your pins. You can make as any number of boards that you want for your pins. You can organize these boards according to the topic.

Features of Pinterest


A pin could be anything, a photo, image or a video that is uploaded by the user on the board he creates. It is better to add some description to the pin.


You can follow anyone on Pinterest, their pins or their boards. You can pick a few boards that you like. If you log in with Twitter or Facebook account, you will know which of your friends are already on Pinterest and what have they displayed on their boards.


These are just like “retweets” in the Pinterest world. Any image or idea you like can be repined and can be even added on your board. But the link will always go back to original person who first pinned the image. No matter how many times an idea or image gets repined, the original source link stays there.


If you like a pin or a board, just add it to your ”likes” on your profile. There is no need to follow the person in order to like his pin. Liking a pin just adds it to the “Likes” on your profile, but doesn’t add it to one of your boards. Again, you don’t need to be following someone to like their pin.

Pin It

You can also add a pin right from the web, in case you want to showcase certain info you found on web. However, this option is available only in Chrome right now.

Join Pinterest and create your own board s in different themes or whatever topic that you fancy. If your ideas are unique and you have some nice and irresistible images, users are sure to notice you here. You can also create special offers for your followers. Today, it certainly pays to have a presence and fan following at Pinterest.

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Written by Rajib Kumar

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