Google is gifting you a Third Eye in the Form of Internet Glasses!

Imagine a day, when you are just roaming around and suddenly a text message appears in front of your eyes. Taking it to a deeper ground, what if you are chatting on video with your friend without any device, like a laptop or a Smartphone in your hand, how will you feel? It seems like a scene from a movie, right? No, absolutely wrong. The day is not too far when you will be reading your text messages, share videos; make online purchases and many other tasks, all with the help of your pair of glasses. Once you will put on the Google glasses, all these tasks will be possible for you too.

This fictional scene got a realistic platform when Google Inc. on June 27, 2012 declared about their upcoming project. In their annual developers’ conference at San Francisco, co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin made this announcement. He told that, the project which was already started in the month of April should come to an end with its developer’s edition of glasses. The developers’ edition is expected to be delivered to the U.S. based programmers in the early months of the coming year.

The glass will be like a normal eye glass, with a small screen on the upper corner of the right glass. A user can carry on all his/her regular works by putting on a pair of Google glass. When a person from the audience tried on this glass in the conference hall, he saw a view of fireworks on the small screen. While watching this firework, he was easily interacting with the people present there.

Brin also declared that the commercial version of the glass should come into the market a year after the developer’s version is released. While asking about the price of the glasses, Brin refused to disclose the expected price, but told that the price would be higher than that of a Smartphone. However, there is news coming out according to which the developer’s version should cost around $1500, and the commercial version will definitely be cheaper than this.
Coming to the other features of the glasses, the weight of the Google glass would be less than a normal sun glass. This means that, you can easily wear a pair of this glass for a long time and carry on your tasks. There will be some other features too like a Bluetooth connection, provision for Wi-Fi etc.

The major issue with the glass is again the battery power, which is a common issue with most of such devices. Google is trying to find out a good solution to this problem so that the battery lasts for at least a day. It is reported that the size of the battery will be smaller in size than the battery of a Smartphone.

Brin has requested the developers to come out with some great ideas so that the glass gets a really good shape. It is too early to guess what will be the exact features of the glass at the time of release, but one thing is quite sure that from the very beginning of 2014, you will be having your third eye in the form of Google glasses.

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