Legitimate Link building Strategies Revealed

Links are essential for search engines to be effective in online marketing.  You may already be in the business and be aware of how important links are to your survival, or you could be a rank newcomer hoping to make a good start with your online marketing. You need to understand that links are very critical to marketing on the web. Though there are a few basic rules, link building is an evolving practice with new inputs and developments taking place every other day. Overdoing anything leads to the charm being lost, and link building is no exception to this.

You need to keep in mind that what you do today cannot be blatantly repeated tomorrow as well. There is no permanent 100% safe and fixed strategy to link building that can be followed blindly. The results will not be the same if the same technique is adopted every time.

The first step is to contact the webmaster by email requesting a link for your site.  You need to make sure that you are in touch with webmasters who have sites that share the same views and as yours and have a lot in common. Even before contacting the webmaster, ensure your site is presentable and worthy of having links. You can personalize your emails to give that personal touch. However, if you want to be even more personal, you can always call the webmaster directly over the phone and explain your intentions. Speaking to a person directly is still in vogue and has its own charm and effects.

Searching the web to find appropriate sources for links would be a smart move. It is important to be careful while choosing links and takes a practiced eye to spot a good link. The links should match the keywords you propose to deploy.  You obviously know the importance of keywords in SEO content. If the links are of poor quality and end up as spam or site hackers, the webmasters will have a tough time explaining the situation to Google. It is best to avoid such situations and use trusted links.

One of the greatest sources one could ever find with a goldmine in the form of a vast membership is a social media website. You can use a keyword on a social website like Twitter and expect to get results similar to any you would get from a seasoned search engine. There should be a good many links that you can get hooked up to this way.

Even if you have emailed the webmaster requesting for a link, instead of waiting for him to respond, take the initiative to call the webmaster and personally follow up. Negotiating over the phone can help get things done faster and you could always strike up a personal relationship that stands you in good stead in the long run.

Look for a site those appeals to you as a good partner to link up with. It should be easy for a seasoned person to spot a site that could turn out to be a beneficial linking partner.  Check out the number of visitors leaving comments behind and the relevancy of the comments. The site should also have blogs or comments that are relevant to the topic you are comfortable with.

When it comes to link building, it is just not the ranking of the site that is important.  The amount of traffic that gets diverted to the site is actually more important than the ranking, If there is enough traffic, better ranking is not far behind and has got to follow. A site where people find what they are looking for and eagerly click the link to take them to what they have been looking for is something that can really do you a lot of good.

Additionally, besides the page ranking, it is where the traffic gets diverted to that makes all the difference.  When traffic gets diverted to social media sites and other sites that directly link to your site, and sites where you leave comments as a guest blogger it makes an impact that is beneficial.  Whether the page ranking is an impressive 3 or a hidden 7, it is the traffic that actually matters.

There must be other competitors operating in the same niche you are in. It won’t hurt to check out those sites and see what the others are up to. You can learn a trick or two, not that you need to copy what they are doing. You can always pick up a couple of tips and work on them to get improved results.

It pays to follow the site that links to you and find out where it is headed to after that. This may lead you to other sites in the same niche that you may not even be aware of. In case you get a link from a dream site that you have always wanted to be like, check out where else the link leads to and the other sites associated with the site that appealed to you so much.

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