Nowadays, many business owners are using online videos as part of their marketing strategy. Such videos can be very effective for promoting products and services, as well as interacting with potential and existing customers.

The following are different ways in which you can use YouTube to promote your business.

How-To Videos

How-To videos have become very common and popular on YouTube. Many people find it more convenient to receive information and learn by watching a video rather than reading text. Such videos which offer solutions to different problems can be very useful for enhancing the search engine ranking of your site.

YouTube to Promote Your Business

How-To videos can be done in different ways. You could offer answers to questions usually asked by your customers, guidelines for using your service or product, or your opinion on recent developments in your industry. Don’t shy away from sharing your ‘trade secrets’. If your video offers viewers valuable information, they are more likely to make a purchase.


Testimonials are a very powerful marketing tool. Whereas how-to videos show your expertise in a particular area, testimonials demonstrate the ability of your product or service to solve an actual problem. Testimonials are videos showing your customers using your products or services and talking about how they have benefited from it. Such videos can be created easily and come in very handy when targeting potential customers. You could shoot them at seminars which are being attended by your customers. Alternatively, you could set aside a day at your business premises and ask your customers to come in for shooting.

Before posting testimonials on YouTube, you need to ensure that the videos have been properly optimized. Use keywords which prospective customers are likely to use when searching. For instance, you could include the word ‘testimonial’, ‘recommendation’ or ‘review’ in the title.

YouTube Creator Partnership

There are numerous channels on YouTube, each with varying types and sizes of audiences. Look for creators who own channels relevant to your business and ask them if they would be interested in partnering with you to produce content. Such partnerships are mutually beneficial, since your partner gets new content and you get the opportunity to reach their audience.

So how do you find prospective partners? Simply go to YouTube and search for subjects which are relevant to your business. Whenever you come across interesting clips, check the number of subscribers to the channel, and take note of the number of likes, comments and views. If the channel is reaching a significantly high number of people, get in touch with the channel operators and make your offer for partnership.

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