When you have a blog that you update regularly sometimes it gets very difficult to keep coming up with new ideas. You feel like you have written about everything that could be relevant to your blog’s niche and you just have nothing new to talk about. Instead of giving up and living burnt out, why not try some of these great idea generating ideas.

1. Reuse

One idea that is useful for many bloggers is reusing the old blog posts you have already written. That does not mean reposting it, but rather truing it into something new. You can change an old blog post into a video, infographic, or other alternative idea. This is a great way to get more mileage out of the posts you have already written while still providing original and useful content.

Ways to Get Ideas for Your Blog

2. Infographic

Speaking of infographics, you can use an infographic to inspire a new article. Infographics have very short points. Use those points and expand on them to create whole new blog posts. You can even go off the original infographic’s topic and apply the idea to a brand new post. If you are feeling really desperate for content you can always link to the infographic and just give a summary of what it covers.

3. Be Human

A great alternative to your usual bog post ideas is to get personal. Let your blog readers know that you are a real human being with thoughts, ideas, imagination, and experiences of your own. Tell a personal story or relate your blog contents to your real life in some way. Not only will this give you something to write about but it will also help your readers to feel more connected to you personally which can help them to stick around longer.

4. Eat Weird

Something that you might not think about doing when you are stuck for ideas is going out to eat. However, new tastes and a variety of flavors can actually help to stimulate creativity and imagination. Try something you have never had before, like an ethnic restaurant or just a new menu item. The stranger the better. You can also use this experience to give insight to blog topics in the future.

5. Live Performance

When most of us think about going to see a performance we think about going to the movie theatre. However a live performance is much more interactive and emotionally stimulating. If you can, try to go to a theatre to watch a play or see a musical performance live. Even things like ballet and opera can be very stimulating and get your creative juices flowing again.

6. Exercise

I know that when I spend a lot of time at my desk I can end up staring at the screen or doing nothing. Worse yet I get into a rut and end up wasting tons of time on social media. Break the routine and get your blood flowing by getting some exercise. It does not have to take a long time or be a big deal. Go for a walk around the block, do a few sit ups or push-ups, or go up and down the stairs a few times. Not only will your body feel better to be moving instead of sitting in one place all the time, but your brain will also function better because of the increased blood flow and change of scenery.

7. Crank Up the Music

I know I have a hard time writing or even thinking when a new song comes on. I want to listen to the lyrics and the beat instead of work. However there are many songs that inspire me to work also. If it is a favorite song that I know all the lyrics to I can crank it up and get right to work. Some songs also inspire me to come up with new ideas or concepts. There are also songs with no lyrics that help me with my writing. The upbeat tunes and fast pace encourage me to write faster and help to keep me from being distracted by the chaos going on around me. That is one thing I am very thankful to my music for; it helps to block out all the noise I have to work in every day. Without my headphones I do not think I would be able to concentrate long enough to get anything written!

8. Check Google

Another way to get great new ideas for your blog that is sure to boost your rankings and get you more traffic is to check Google Trends. By checking Google Trends you can see what people are searching for and talking about. Use that knowledge to formulate a new blog post that can exploit the current trends. It might be a natural disaster, a celebrity scandal, or a new movie coming out. Whatever it is be sure to incorporate it into your blog post and blog post title to make the most of the trend. Get your blog post out these as soon as you can or you may end up having old news on your hands.

9. Check the News

Speaking of old news, checking what is going on in the news is often a great way to get new blog post ideas. You can find news on just about anything, but if you hit the front page news first or have an eye for what will be popular in the coming days you will be better off. News may have a quick turnover, but you can find ways of making your blog post last longer by providing information that is useful in the long term as well as timely.

10. Watch Social Media

Another great place to find blog post ideas is social media. Places like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest always have the latest trends popping up. If you are tech savvy enough to catch on to what people are taking about then you have a great opportunity to exploit the benefits of social media and get your blog post noticed and shared. It might even go viral!

11. Recycle

If you are just absolutely stuck for ideas or do not really have time to write you can always go by the old standby. Take one of the blog posts you have written before, either a popular one or one that got overlooked but was worth the read, and repost it. Add a description or explanation as to why you are reposting or even spin it a new way with your introductory paragraph. Whatever you do, do not pretend it is a new article. You will be caught out. But if you are honest and it is good enough to reread, then go for it.

12. Share Success

If you are a successful blogger, or even just successful in your field of employment, you should share your success with others. Give step by step information about how you got to where you are now and where you plan on going from here. Avoid bragging or making yourself into something you are not. Just be honest and share the lessons you have learned along your road to success.

13. Share Failures

You were not always successful at everything, so share your failures too. It is important that people realized that success only means learning from failure and not giving up. Write about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Write about what you failed at and what that failure taught you. Not only will this make you easier to relate to, but it could provide helpful information to others in a similar position.

These are just a few of the places you can get inspiration to write. There are all sorts of ways you can come up with new, innovate blog post ideas. Just take a look around, do something new, and see what you can come up with!

Written by Debra Johnson

This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor www.liveinnanny.com She welcomes your comments at her email Id: - jdebra84 @ gmail.com.

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