What Google Authorship Means for SEO

Are you in to SEO? Most of you who are reading this would nod a big “yes”. If you are paying close attention to SEO and its techniques, then Google has to be given the same level of importance. Separating Google and SEO make no meaning as of now. So what is new in Google for SEO? If you have this question in mind, it is time you gear up to compete in the battlefield. Let me educate you on Google Authorship which is new for on-site optimization.

Google Authorship relates all the articles you have published on the World Wide Web and provides you easy access to other authors. Connecting with writing professionals is nothing new, but when Google does it, there is something more to it.

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So, if you are seriously thinking about attracting a considerable amount of traffic to your site, Google Authorship is your best assistant. Take a look at some of the things that Google Authorship can do for you.

SE Results Page

A Rel Author tag is placed on every article that is posted online. This highlights the article as well as your name. When your article pops up on the search engine results page, you can locate your name as the author. Does Google stop with that? No, visitors will be able to view your picture, learn the number of articles you have posted online and also the number of followers you have on Google+. Just a simple tag acts as a key to the popularity of you and your article. You also have all the possibilities of gaining trust from online visitors and they might come back to your site frequently.

Click Through

When the ownership is displayed on the results page, you tend to enjoy more click rates. The picture and the name will attract more visitors to click the link. The natural human tendency enables readers to follow you and stay with the interesting conversations online. Visitors will frequently visit your site to learn about the followers and their areas of interest.

Published Entries

If you have Google Authorship, the search result page will also display a “more” option next to your link. This option when clicked by the visitor will open a new page which contains snippets of all the published articles which have the Rel tag included. The websites which published those articles can also be viewed.  Visitors who like to read more of your articles can easily access from this box.  If the visitor likes your thoughts and the way you write, he/ she can request you to add them to the Google + circle. Other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like will also be displayed on the results page.


Google Authorship is a large platform to hunt for trustworthy websites. Not all content displayed on the first couple of pages can be trusted. This platform can be used to identify the right websites so that your content will reach the right audience.


Thousands of websites do not get the opportunity to taste high rankings in search engines. This doesn’t mean that these websites are bad and do not have original content. Whereas, Google Authorship provides all the websites with original high quality content to compete with the already high ranked ones. This platform is designed to work on the latest algorithm and aims at giving equal opportunity to every website on the Web.

Google has come up with this platform to break all the barriers in indexing and displaying. This platform is of great use to both authors and visitors. Google Authorship strives to bring out the best quality content sites and remain the King of search engines at all times.

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