Get small sites optimized with easeWhile sitting in-front of your computer you find yourself in a big addling situation, deciding the techniques that you would like to adopt to optimize a small site, so what is the end result you find?

I would rather suggest you to use the best you can as it’s easy to optimize small sites in comparison to the those vast ones.

Why Commercial Sites are heavy to handle?

What will you do if your friend’s story extends for more than 20 pages? You are almost slept. There is no difference between those big stories and vast sites uploaded with thousands and thousands of pages. In case of such big sites it’s really difficult to find the uniqueness in the pages and rather then it becomes a bigger task to get it indexed such as search engine algorithms. Also now days the updating technologies have got the capability of comparing the pages and the sites. And if there is a difference of few numbers from among the similar sites, then yours would be considered as a duplicate content.

Small Sites- the best platform to show your thoughts.

Now when you have been asked to get a small site optimized then surely you can focus well. It’s in general that small sites make it easy to concentrate your internal link popularity on the most important issues, ideas, and keywords. Small hyper targeted sites also work well at being able to dominate those niche markets.  Also it gives you the leverage to create a name based on the vertical and hence you can use it to be a beneficiary for your work.

But if you are in the stuffs something like insurance then definitely a small site won’t be enough for what you want. I tend to be a bit verbose (which is perhaps why I wrote an ebook 😉 but I also do not buy that adding pages to a commercial site makes a site less professional. And finally all your web-pages are just those tiny parts, but definitely they’ll only get you sales. So it’s necessary to keep them happy and in a good shape.

The ones you should trust the most:

  • Don’t forget to get paid first before you do things, otherwise you’re work be all in vein.
  • Also make prior and better marketing techniques, do use FAQs as you prime sword to fight with the search engine to rank high. Also try and post such contents that may help people, so that they can read it before their purchases.

If you are really doing well in the market and the high prices that you offer also don’t face any sort of problems then the first point is for you. But in general the second gets more demand.

In case the site is really a compressed one then it would be a great option to add few about us and FAQ pages. This will hike up the traffic by building up your credibility.

Another case could be when the brands ranging in your competition arena are big enough to be afforded; you can simply help yourself with quality content, tools, and ideas that solve market problems that have not yet been solved.

Even if your contents are worthy enough you still need to build some trust-worthy links for the search engines, so that you can rank in its good books.

I have seen that at times some link-builders aren’t comfortable to link out relevant resources. But I really believe that most good websites link out to at least a few decent and trust-worthy resources. Don’t be afraid to link at relevant .gov or .edu pages, industry trade organizations, local chamber of commerce sites and other sites that make sense to reference.

Do try these ways to get a big name. Surely the above mentioned words may add few bits to your wisdom about SEO.

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Written by Rajib Kumar

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