Most of the business owners have learnt the importance of Search Engine Optimization, to pull traffic to their websites. It is not about drawing huge traffic to the websites, but the point is drawing relevant traffic that would retain to your websites. This traffic, in the long run, may turn into ideal prospects through clicks.

Your Business Needs Planned SEO Strategies

If your business allows you to spend money for optimizing the search engine strategies, then here are few of the tips that would help you in following the SEO practices in a focused manner.

Dig it well:

Pleasing everybody is not feasible from the perspective of your business. So, you need to figure out a fact clearly, as in who are the kind of people you want to please. This is very important as the clicks can turn into prospects.

Google AdWords is the tool, which can be used to discover the keywords that your kind of customer is looking from your industry.

Good Content:

The quality of content is an important factor to draw traffic to your site, as it renders knowledge to the readers. If readers like your blogs and posts, then they will definitely come back and there are chances that they would share your posts with their friends, making them extremely viral. Gradually, the readers will develop faith in you & they will choose you for their online shopping of goods.

Write for human, not for robots:

Do remember a fact that you’re creating the content, so that it is understood by your readers and liked by them as well. Including keyword in your content is a good practice, but saturating the content with too many keywords is not a good thing to do because this makes,understanding the content, difficult for many users. When understanding is a problem, then users tend to bounce from your website, which increases the bounce rate. This increase in bounce rate is an issue, as search engines keep a track of it and if the bounce rate is more, then it is more likely that your website will not be recognized.

Socializing may do wonders:

It is not needed to remind you the popularity of the social media platforms such as Linkedn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +. If you want to play it smart, then create website pages on these platforms, as your pages tend to gain more popularity when they are a part of social networking sites.

Almost everyone knows the importance of search engine optimization, but only few concentrate on working on this. It is, however, the peak time that you focus on these practices, else you will be buried in the digital graveyard.

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Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. [email protected] Finance

    In pre-Panda and pre-Penguin days, website authors tried to game the Google system by artificially constructing blogs that the robots would like. I’m glad Google eliminated these loopholes and is instead looking at content written for humans.

  2. Flash banners

    very informative post. I’ll go with the great content. For me great content means unique & healthy content if you are coming up with healthy and unique content then your blog must go great with SEO as Google also prefer the unique content so we must focus on these things first.

  3. Aditi

    Hi Rajib,
    I like the second point that you have shared of using well-versed content. Well, this is indeed very necessary for your site to be an effective one. Apart from this, I also think that writing should be made in an easy simple language so that your readers can understand it well and should not be made for the search engines. Thanks for the share!!

  4. Miranda Harver

    Before one posts his very first content on his site, he must have set a vision beforehand – and this is to commit to maintaining quality content with of course, a unique value proposition. He has to keep a focus on his target market, too.