Squeeze Page Optimization for SEO

A single web page that is created specifically to get information about a visitor for the purpose of future marketing is called a squeeze page. It has to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that it is found by a web searcher easily and compels the visitor to provide contact details that can be used later on for marketing.

Why is SEO of the squeeze page essential?

A squeeze page is a powerful online marketing tool that keeps your customers in the loop. You can connect directly with multiple customers at the same time with this page. A squeeze page is very useful:

  • To get email ids of visitors to your site,
  • To create a database of email ids and contact information of existing and potential customers,
  • To automate mass emails of marketing literature,
  • To automate responses to queries.

Therefore, making it optimized with keyword rich title tag will make it more visible on the Internet and bring in higher inbound traffic.

How to make your squeeze page search engine optimized

These are some simple steps to optimize the squeeze page of your website so that it is found, indexed and displayed prominently in search results:

Quality content: To make the squeeze page optimized, the first essential characteristic is the density, placement and relevance of the keywords. A title tag that includes the keywords must be catchy enough to grab the attention of even a casual web surfer. The content should be to-the-point so that just a glance will give most of the important information about the products and services. Use of bullets and/or numbering will make the data more readable. The information must be compelling without being effusive, precise without be incomplete, and positive without being false.

Aesthetics: The color and design of the squeeze page needs to be simple but not drab. An attractive video can be added to promote a special offer or discount on this page. A judicious mix of simplicity and aesthetics is all that is required to convert a casual visitor into providing contact information. Also, if the title tag is mixed to too much Flash-based coding, a search engine may not locate the page fast.

Opt-in form: Scrolling down a long webpage can be boring and may detract a visitor to your site from giving the crucial information that you need. Therefore, it pays to have the opt-in form at the top. The opt-in form has very simple source code therefore a search engine will locate it very easily. It could mean a big leap from indifference to positive action by a web user. The visitors will be more willing to divulge their contact information if they can do so easily.

Privacy statement: Once the visitor has provided his contact details he needs to know that the information will not be misused. A strong and convincing privacy statement will ultimately make the visitor click the “submit” button of the squeeze page. A squeeze page accompanied by a privacy statement will be considered safer by search engines.

Add a blog: To further improve SEO of your squeeze page, you can add a link to a blog at the bottom. A catchy tag line will induce the visitor to click on the link and the good blog post can do the rest of the online marketing for you.

The squeeze page usually contains online marketing tools like contests and quizzes, testimonials, headlines and special offers, and other incentives to visitors so that they are willing to provide their contact details. So it must be created so that it can be found fast by a search engine. It must be sufficiently attractive to sustain interest long enough to get contact details of a web user.