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Basically, blogging is a great way to reach a large audience. It allows an individual or group to inform, entertain and establish relationship with their target readers or consumers. This platform offers an ample room for self-expression. In addition, blogging is a great method to promote brands or businesses on the web. Many big brands have proven that blogging is an excellent way to establish good relationship with consumers. Actually, there are loads of advantages that can be gained in blogging. But having a successful blog is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and energy. In order to have a successful blog, you need to do research on topics that are relevant to your niche, monitor the performance and progress of your blog and promote it to various social networking sites to gain more readers.

Fortunately, your uphill battle in blogging can now be carried out efficiently with the help of your mobile device. As we all know, mobile phones like iPhone are not only functional for making phone calls and sending text messages. For instance, an iPhone can now perform incredible tasks like browsing the web, gaming, social networking and a whole lot more. Of course, these activities are made possible with the help of iPhone applications.

Here are iPhone apps that can ensure your success in blogging:

WordPress or Blogger App

Bloggers typically opt for WordPress or Blogger as their blogging platform. It would be best for a blogger to have an application that connects them right away to their blog. Blogging apps usually have useful features like blog viewing, blog posting and blog editing. Hence, having a WordPress or Blogger application in your phone can help you do a quick post, updates and reply on your reader’s comments even if you are away from your laptop or desktop computer.

Pinterest App

Essentially, pinning images on Pinterest is a crucial part in blogging. Pinterest is a perfect venue for finding inspirational and interesting photos that would allow bloggers generate fresh ideas for their next blog post. This app helps them discover photos that are sorted out based on their respective niche. Besides, Pinterest also function as a blog curator and instrument for blog promotion.

Pocket (Formerly ‘Read It Later’)

Conducting research is indispensable in crafting a credible and compelling blog post. If you are in the middle of your research work on a certain topic on your desktop computer but you have to go someplace then having this app in your iPhone would be very gainful for you. Pocket allows you to go on with your research even if you are away from your computer. This mobile application stores the bookmarks automatically as you add them on any of your device.

Evernote App

I guess one of the most difficult tasks in maintaining a blog is doing different chores all at once.  If you want to be successful in blogging you have to organize all blog-related stuff in one place and sort them out by category. And the best app that you can count on to do this job is Evernote. This app is really useful in organizing ideas and resources for your next blog posts.


Monitoring the statistics and activities in your blog is essential in having a successful blog site. Installing Analytics App in your iPhone allows you to watch the progress of your blog.  This application tracks the traffic that comes in to your blog. It also provides you a detailed report on the analytics of your website. Determining the source and amount of traffic helps you create an effective blog marketing strategy.


It is not enough that we write a high quality and compelling content. Social media is essential in promoting your blog and gaining more readers. Hence, you have to be present in all social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. However, signing in on different social networking sites tend to be really hard and inconvenient. Hootsuite could help you update your social media profiles without opening several applications on your iPhone. Hootsuite is a great tool for promoting your blog on various social media sites. It lessens the hassle of constantly logging in and out on different social networking apps.

Written by leibroch

Lei Broch is an app expert based in California. She teaches tips and tricks on how to make apple apps. She also contributes on various app industry blogs and forums.