If very recently attended the phenomenon of social movements and citizens in North African countries to which they immediately associated with a generation of young people who came to be known in many media as the generation of the revolution associated with the name of a social network, now the disaster in Japan has given us several samples, and some lessons, how far the network has a role.

Social Networking

Notably, at first, as the immediate transmission capacity of the network, in this case, has long surpassed the conventional channels of information, but also, and talk about it, it is essential to understand the role that social networks have played in that communication. A clear example is summarized in the reality of what is perceived, while conventional channels were confused about how to convey the magnitude of the disaster, mainly because the scope of the disaster was still being calibrated, the social networks were beginning to perceive so much sharper reality of the tragedy.

We are not talking at this point in the subsequent trend topic that are widespread and certainly from the perspective of solidarity are very important and we will pay attention, but the true channel connecting users worldwide who served as information transmission belt from the affected country, often in near real time and helped not only to ordinary citizens, but to professionals from various sectors, including the communication to begin receiving the magnitude of the disaster.

On rare occasions, from the perspective of humanization of the network, we have witnessed immediate solidarity movements so massive, internet, and not only social networks to which we will pay attention before the end of the article, a framework has been expression to support a people punished as harshly as it has in this case the Japanese people. We’ve seen everything from private initiatives of artists and celebrities who put to work immediately and through their own websites began solidarity actions ranging from the release of certain products for sale to benefit those affected to action businesses and individuals through the usual channels of solidarity that already exist on the network, including all kinds of initiatives and support models.

Special mention deserves the presence of social networks in this area, highlighting undoubtedly the immediate reaction through Twitter could contemplate reaction that came to all users including the famous (always referring to their actions on Twitter) the companies or, in short, any user who felt the need to express their feelings about the disaster and good wishes to the people who were affected. Again, in a hasty reading but realistic, is shown to use tools that determines reality into which you walk, it is likely that when we talk about the humanization of new communication technologies we refer to globally to the concept of humanization reflecting good human feelings.

Although some of this should understand that must be present, however, the disaster in Japan on his way to be tried by users with current tools is available, as we understand, an education in itself the real power Internet. Special mention should be at the end of this article the finding that social networks, in this case we were talking about Twitter, have in effect a power that transcends the relational communication.

When, not long ago, we heard the concept of media applied to a social network, it is likely that the skeptics will sprout a smile of incredulity. The truth is that the finding of the effectiveness of some of these networks as communication transmitters, as a tool, as a means of communication, has become more than clear in the context of this disaster. Well, in any case, all our solidarity and support for those affected.

Written by Ashutosh Chauhan

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