10 Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

Tips For Effective Social Media MarketingEffective social media marketing is a best way to shine a business on internet. Everyone today understands the importance of social media like FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn etc. that helps to get connected with more and more people in any corner of the world.

If you work on social media in Dubai then these tips for effective social media marketing Dubai are really going to help your business.

1. Search Visibility With WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins help better social media marketing for their feature of making a blog post visible for search engines. For getting more visitors for your blog posts, get them optimized by using WordPress plugins such as SEO Plugin by Yoast, all in one seo pack, Lightbox Plus, Members and many others. These plugins give more visibility to a blog post.

2. Creating Call to Action

Adding call to action in social media marketing posts boosts your social media activity and engages readers with these action encouraging words. these CTAs make social media marketing stronger therefore, call to action words must be added with specific purpose such as “Check it out”, “keep reading”, “keep sharing”, “Don’t forget,” “Find out more” etc.

3. Encouraging Blog Comments

Blog comments are used to get readers’ feedback for a blog. Readers can ask questions, share any idea, or comment on a blog. It is a best way to establish relation with readers, encourage them to express their ideas and invite them to response. This part of social media helps to get trusted advisors to respond to any blog on regular basis.

4. Use of Shared Content

Shared content makes a social media profile more interesting for readers. It boosts activity at your social media pages. But before sharing any content, consider three W’s: When, Who and Will:

When: try to share fresh content but if it is 6-12 months old and is useful for your blog, you must mention the date.

Who: add the author who has written the content

Will: will the content you are sharing, be advantageous for your readers and will it add value to your social media presence?

5. Creating Interest With Variety

For social media marketing it is always preferred to generate interest of readers with variety of content or posts. Social media provides different formats of content sharing and adding therefore, you can make your social media presence more enticing by adding variety of photos, unique images, videos, articles, blogs, and infographics.

6. Adding Social Profiles For Company Communications

A company with social profiles is believed to be more reliable as people are able to find out about a company anywhere on social media. So make sure to enlist that if you want a good social media marketing that everyone knows about your company.

7. Managing Workflow

One of the important tips for effective social media marketing is to manage work flow for social media activity. The time of each social media manager may vary, but it is good to manage social media work flow as described by Mark Smiciklas in 2012. This Social Media Workflow infographic is a good barometer that helps to manage social media on weekly basis.

8. Optimizing Websites For Mobile

With increasing mobile users, a website must be optimized for mobile. If not done so, you will lose millions of readers who access internet over smartphone. A responsive website catches more visitors to your social media and to company profile.

9. Check Web Analytics Regularly

For strengthening your social media marketing, keep checking your social and web analytics to determine your social media success. Social analytics provide information about your current status and help you reinvent your goals to get more visitors.

10. Learning New Skills

Learning new skills and embedding them for your social media activity help you keep abreast of latest social media trends. Have an insight on your skills and then decide what you need to learn more. You can take help from the websites you visit regularly and then do what they are doing. It will give you a competitive advantage.

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