E-Commerce has really changed the whole perspective of users and makers. Like online shopping has become the norm around the world with people taking more interest in shopping right from their desktops or smartphones rather than sparing ample time and going out for shopping. The recent revolution of mobile apps has also made it possible for people to shop their favorite products while on the move. In addition, when it comes to e-commerce revolution in the growing nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. the recent launch of 3G services has given a great boost to the online shopping industry with more people shopping from their smartphones and tablets.

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As the technological revolution continues to grow, the people have started relying more on social media interactions than the physical ones and social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are growing with enormous pace. This extraordinary reliance of people on social media has given an opportunity to the e-commerce organizations to grab attention of prospective customers on these networks. Below are the details about importance of social media marketing in online shopping industry:

Significant Increase in Brand Recognition

The social media networks these days are considered as the best channels for your brand’s voice and content. The potential customers would hardly be convinced enough to browsing new sites whereas they would be find it quite comfortable to browse your business page on Facebook, Google+ or other social media networks. With your prospective customers visiting your page, you will experience significant increase in brand recognition for your online shopping store.

Keeps Customers Updated with New Products

All the online shopping stores these days have social media icons on their websites to allow customers reach their official pages with a single click and like them to stay updated with the future promotions, offers and everything that’s happening. For instance, one of the Asia’s largest online marketplaces Kaymu, Bdhaat or Clickbdhas their Facebook page for every country where it keeps posting images of latest products as well as about special promotions and deals to keep its customers updated with everything.

More Customers & Conversions

As the online shopping stores advertise more and more on the social media networks, they naturally get more customers which means more conversions. Only those interested in certain product would click on its social media advertisement and reach out to the main site, therefore the chances of conversion would automatically increase as compared to web traffic from any other online source.

Decreased Marketing Costs

Instead of spending heavy budgets on other means of marketing and promotions, the online stores are getting more inclined towards social media marketing. It costs way less than traditional online marketing means and gets instant return on investment in the form of conversions. More customers mean more business on minimum investment.

Virtual Showcasing of Products

With social marketing getting viral in the modern day, the virtual showcasing of products via photo albums is being appreciated more by the online community. The online shopping stores place high resolution images of their products on the Facebook pages that make it easier for the prospective customers to analyze the quality and type of products. Besides, many surveys have also proved the fact that people keep visiting social media pages of their favorite stores and keep looking for new products and deals on regular basis.

Written by Rajib Kumar

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  1. Amit Kumar

    Hello Rajib bro i’m agree with you social media marketing is a big factor in online marketing. social media is now very popular and effective ways for the online marketing. Some eCommerce business depend on social media marketing. In this generation most of the people use social site like Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn,YouTube and Other reputed social site and we use it for marketing. Now many Bangladeshi eCommerce site is well established and give good service.

    Thank you so much for share this post with us.

  2. Anant

    Hello Rajib,

    Great explaintion you have shared here!! Have you tried Facebook Call to Action for any ecommerce website? Do you have any experience in that?

    Please help me if you have idea.