Best Tips and Tricks to Search Google Better

Google has become a very popular search engine used by internet users. You can find instant information that you need to use Google search but there are some tips and tricks that you may not know that could help improve the quality of your search result. Google has many useful…continue reading →

What Google Authorship Means for SEO

Are you in to SEO? Most of you who are reading this would nod a big “yes”. If you are paying close attention to SEO and its techniques, then Google has to be given the same level of importance. Separating Google and SEO make no meaning as of now. So…continue reading →

Google Play Gets Space in Navigation Bar

This guest post written by Jenny Simpson. You must have noticed a new navigation added to the black navigation bar of Google and the new addition is Google Play, labeled as “Play”. Yes now Google Play is a visible option between Maps and YouTube. Once you click on the link…continue reading →
>Google’s New Algorithm And SEO Better For Everyone

>Google’s New Algorithm And SEO Better For Everyone

>This guest post is by Neel Kamal who writes about SEO. If you wants to write and earn money by our revenue sharing program, then just Contact us.There’s been a lot of controversy, half-baked and otherwise, about Google’s upgraded algorithms. Some people are all in favour, others are sceptical, and…continue reading →
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