Save Money by Using Nordstrom promo code

Everybody wants to look good, but the money and the time is a major concern. What if you can shop from the comfort of your home while saving on your bill? Well, sounds interesting, isn’t it? Most of people who are reading this might be thinking that this is some…continue reading →

How to use Google+ to promote your business

Google’s venture into social media, Google+, is proving an increasingly successful tool for companies to promote their products and services. Largely visual based, the site offers a number of interactive features to help you interact and engage with your customers and clients. This simple guide will tell you how to…continue reading →

Cheap, Yet Effective Advertising Methods

The growth and success of your company depends largely on your customers. In fact, there is no business unless there’s someone to buy your products or use your service. Advertising is the most effective way to create a buzz around your company and generate business. But if you’re working with…continue reading →

Five Key Aspects of Responsive Mobile Site Design

The new BBC mobile site has turned heads for its responsive design, giving it the edge over its competitors and generally impressing users. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, mobile is now the key battleground as companies and organizations fight for the attention of users who have the choice…continue reading →

Why Get A Plantronics Headset?

If you’ve ever even considered a telephone headset, there is no doubt that you’ll be familiar with the name Plantronics. In American call centres, Plantronics are solely responsible for kitting out 75% of the workforce (a statistic that has led rivals such as GN Netcom to accuse Plantronics of monopolising…continue reading →

Translating blogs for the masses

The Internet is awash with  information and blogs which do, contrary to what some may think add real value to the age we live in. Pages are being added to Websites on a daily basis using publishing platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr etc. these platforms have become increasingly easier…continue reading →